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A Guide to Studying for AP Exams in 2022

How to study for AP Exams in 2022 During sophomore year I took my first few AP classes. I took 3 (or 2.5) in total - US History, Physics, and Macroeconomics (which is only one semester long). Scores came out recently and I earned a 5 on US History, 4 on Physics, and 5 on Macro. Here’s what I learned from the experience. Hopefully, you can learn from what I did well and what I did wrong! During the School Year: Learn Specific AP tips from others Ask questions to any of your peers who have already taken this AP class before you. Ask them what their main advice would be, specific to that class. It's really beneficial to get good tips/habits when the school first starts, as you get a good understanding of what habits to keep up throughout the school year, for success on the exam. For example, if you asked me my #1 tip for APUSH it would be to memorize vocabulary using Quizlets, while for AP Macro it would be knowing how to analyze and draw your graphs very well. If you want to know how