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PSAT NMSQT Prep Resources to win Scholarships

 PSAT NMSQT Prep Resources

The PSAT NMSQT is a standardized test usually taken by juniors in High School. PSAT stands for Preliminary SAT and NMSQT stands for National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. In other words, if you score in the Nation's top 1% of students for this test, you gain the possibility of receiving scholarship money! 

Use these Prep resources to help you get ready for the test, and get your best shot at a perfect 1520.

Free PSAT Prep Resources

PSAT Sample Questions  Official sample questions straight from College Board. 

Khan Academy SAT practice: Probably the BEST resource! Khan Academy has paired up with College Board, so they have thousands of official questions. Also, the PSAT is a lesser version of the real SAT, so if you can master the SAT you'll DEFINITELY be able to master the PSAT.

Also, Khan Academy has many video explanations, so you can understand WHY the correct answer is correct.

SAT "Cheatsheet" A cheat sheet of quick tips for the SAT. 

Extra Resources

A high-quality blog on almost any question you could have about the PSAT. These articles are very detailed and thorough.

SuperTutorTV Youtube Channel
This channel has many tips and updates on the PSAT and other standardized tests.

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