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Debunking Myths about Getting Straight A's

So many people have misconceptions about getting straight As. But I’m here to burst these myths and tell you all the things that you can stop doing, while still keeping good grades!   Myth 1: You need to be a natural genius to get Straight A’s Everyone who has good grades is not naturally smart. Sure, there’s the occasional wild card genius who obtains perfect scores in every class without ever studying.  But,  most people have to put in the effort. Stop telling yourself you won’t get good grades because you’re not “naturally smart”. You CAN get good grades - you just need to be disciplined, work hard, and be organized. Myth 2: You have to sacrifice everything else in life to study This is probably a big one. Nope. If you figure out the BEST study techniques for you personally, you’ll have time for other priorities. Like anything else, it truly is a game of quality over quantity and consistency over cramming. Even if you’re taking hard classes you should still have a little time for ot