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How to Study or Cram for Midterms or Final Exams

How to Study (or cram!) for Midterms or Final Exams Final exams are coming up - aka dead week!  For anyone setting a New Year’s resolution to get better grades or sustain good grades, this article should be super helpful in helping you exit the school year with a BANG. Though it’s better to start studying for your finals early on, I know that some people will still end up being last-minute, so here’s a quick rundown on how to study for exams whether you have a long way to go, or are cramming last minute. 1. Figure out the most important things to study What’s most Common on the test? If you know what percentage of each topic the exam is based around - you’re extremely lucky! When you’re really pressed for time, stick to the topics that are the most prevalent. If a topic you don’t know is only 1% of a 100 question test - and you’re cramming - DON’T learn the content for that topic! Stick to content that you don’t already know but makes up a majority of the test - such as something that’