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How to Stay Positive Throughout the School Year

School can be tough and as teenagers, many of us love to complain about it. However, just like anything else in life, no matter how hard it gets we have to make the best of it. Here are a few simple tips to stay sane and happy this school year.   Some of these are more actionable while others are about your overall mindset, and can even translate into other parts of your life! Even if you don't implement all of these tips, you're sure to have a much better experience by using just one or two of them. Choose classes you ACTUALLY like It’s much easier to engage in a subject that you actually enjoy - or at least don’t absolutely hate. If you're reading this before second semester you can probably change classes with a quick and polite email to your guidance counselor.  As for classes that you need to take to graduate, try to make studying for them more enjoyable. Watch YouTube videos, have study dates with friends or find ways to make the subject more fun for yourself. Take

How you can start a Website for only $12 a year

Ever wanted to start your very own website as a teen? Well, it’s totally doable! No prior coding experience necessary! Here are the steps I took to start my website at the cost of only $12 a year! Website Basics Here are the basics of starting a website regardless of which hosting site or Domain finder you use.  1. Determine the purpose of your website Why are you creating this website in the first place? Is it a site to sell products? Inform others about a certain subject? Blog about your life? Determine the purpose of your website, so you know what you’ll add and create on the site later on.  I decided my website was going to be informational and about College Admissions because it’s a problem I saw my peers struggle with. Who knows? Maybe I’ll start another website about something else. 2. Obtain a Domain Name Now it’s time to come up with your website’s name, and URL. You can use various domain name finders online - I used the ones from GoDaddy and NameMesh , which will “mesh”

40 Free or Low Cost Business Ideas for Teens

Starting a successful and large-scale business while in High School can show colleges that you have leadership skills and are willing to take initiative. Not to mention, your business income can help you pay for college or even your own needs! The list below describes 40 small businesses you can start TODAY for free or at a low cost. After all, it’s unlikely that a teen already has thousands of dollars saved up.  Online Businesses Freelancing Note: If you’re looking for online clients for these businesses, join and advertise yourself on Fiverr , which is a marketplace for Freelancers.  1. Photography and Videography Photos and videos can be taken for different types of customers - local businesses, individuals, for weddings, or any other event where someone might need them. Take heed though - if you’re not already experienced in the art, it’s a poor idea to jump into the business. 2. Take Stock Photos If you’d rather take photos of what you like, you can opt to sell your professional

Free ACT Test Prep Resources

  The ACT is one of two standardized tests American High School students take to get into private colleges. Many students are aiming for a high score but are extremely stressed about it. The following free resources (and a few paid books) should help you get your best shot at a 36.  Online Practice Tests & Questions S ACT Prep Scroll down on the website for free full-length ACT Practice Tests. ACT Academy Free ACT prep straight from the company. Magoosh App Free real ACT Questions right from your phone with video explanations for more than 600 practice questions in all ACT sections. 2020-2021 ACT A new full-length ACT Practice Test along with a study guide, test rules, and strategies.  Khan Academy SAT I recently saw a Tik Tok of someone saying they got a 36 by using Khan Academy’s free SAT practice. Though using the SAT practice might sound weird, both the tests have many commonalities, so this is probably a great idea if you’re taking either of the tests.  T

15 Scholarships for Freshmen in High School in 2021

As a High school freshman, you might not know where you'll be going for college - but you do know one thing. College is expensive.       Though most scholarships are offered to Seniors, that doesn't mean it's impossible to get scholarships as an underclassman. After all, it's never too early to start financially planning for your future! Here's a list of scholarships you can definitely apply to as a freshman (or as any other High School grade level).  P.S: Looking for sophomore Scholarships? Check out this post of 15 scholarships for sophomores in High School 1.  Innovators in Education Scholarship Amount:  $500 Requirements:  An essay about the goals of an innovative project you designed that positively impacts other people's lives and an essay about the goals of that project. You must also have a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. Deadline:  The 20th of every month.  Description:  Ever designed a particular project that helped others? Write an essay about it and apply

5 Steps to Eliminate Chronic Procrastination

In 2020 I made one New Year's resolution - and no it was not about my health - it was to stop procrastinating, or to "Take action".  As a rising sophomore in high school, I may not have as much to do as an adult, but the responsibilities are mounting! More schoolwork, extracurricular activities, sports, getting ready for my future, all while trying to maintain good relationships, happiness, and health.  Towards the end of 2019, I was a freshman which was around the same time TikTok became popular, and - need I say more? I was often sleep deprived because I wasted all my after school hours on my phone and then finally started working on homework late at night. It was procrastination at its finest.  I knew logically what I should do, but I couldn’t figure out how to motivate myself to do it.   Before January 2020 I decided that I was tired of living like this. I had procrastinated for months - at it didn't feel good.  Let me walk you through the 5 steps I took to

Free Virtual Tutoring Resources

Virtual learning can be hard - especially without face to face communication with a teacher. That's why I've compiled a list of free tutoring resources for you to use learning online!  Tutoring Big Impact Tutoring Big Impact offers free 45 minute tutoring sessions for the ACT, custom tutoring, and high school classes in Math, Science, and Spanish (up to Spanish 3).  I highly recommend this service because the tutors are extremely helpful, positive, and upbeat. I've significantly improved in my practice ACT scores after working with them.  Quarantutors Quarantutors hosts a free tutoring service for K-12 in almost 20 APs, all core subjects, 6 foreign languages, and electives.  Varsity Tutors Free ACT and SAT prep courses that help you gain invaluable test-taking skills and strategies.  Pin it for later:

AP Course Prep Resources

Whether you're looking to earn college credits or earn a higher weighted GPA, College Board Advanced Placement classes are the way to go. See the resources we've compiled for each AP to ease the process for you. Don't forget to bookmark this page for later! If you have any other links to add, please comment them down below and I'll update this post. I intend for this to be a solid resource for people looking for online resources for their APs.  Disclaimer: I do NOT recommend copying the notes of other people for any AP. Your teacher could cite you for plagiarism if you're found out. However, feel free to use these resources to learn and review material that you may have forgotten, instead of rereading an entire textbook.  General Resources for Every AP: Khan Academy Seneca Learning   (I suggest starting a 30 day free trial just before Exams to maximize your usage of this website) AP Practice Exams High School Test Prep  (AP Unit Tests and AP Final Exams