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How to Study or Cram for Midterms or Final Exams

How to Study (or cram!) for Midterms or Final Exams Final exams are coming up - aka dead week!  For anyone setting a New Year’s resolution to get better grades or sustain good grades, this article should be super helpful in helping you exit the school year with a BANG. Though it’s better to start studying for your finals early on, I know that some people will still end up being last-minute, so here’s a quick rundown on how to study for exams whether you have a long way to go, or are cramming last minute. 1. Figure out the most important things to study What’s most Common on the test? If you know what percentage of each topic the exam is based around - you’re extremely lucky! When you’re really pressed for time, stick to the topics that are the most prevalent. If a topic you don’t know is only 1% of a 100 question test - and you’re cramming - DON’T learn the content for that topic! Stick to content that you don’t already know but makes up a majority of the test - such as something that’

ACT Tips and Tricks to Score High

How to get a 30 or Higher on the ACT Are you taking the ACT to get into your dream college? Or do you have to take a school-administered ACT as an upperclassman? Well, no matter why you’re taking it, here are my top tips for the test and what I would do differently next time (Scroll down for detailed tips for each subject). I took my first ACT as a sophomore - and I scored a 33 composite (not a 36, but I’m still proud). I had scores of 31 in English, 33 in Math, 36 in Reading, and 30 in Science. Additionally, I took the optional Writing test and got a score of 10 out of 12 total points. I started studying in mid-July and booked a test appointment for October 10th. That’s around 3 solid months to practice, revise, and learn content.  General ACT Tips  Set a goal: What number do you want? This way, each time you score your test, you’ll have a general idea of how many questions you can get wrong, but still get the score you want.  If you’re trying to get into a certain college, you can

How to Stay Positive Throughout the School Year

School can be tough and as teenagers, many of us love to complain about it. However, just like anything else in life, no matter how hard it gets we have to make the best of it. Here are a few simple tips to stay sane and happy this school year.   Some of these are more actionable while others are about your overall mindset, and can even translate into other parts of your life! Even if you don't implement all of these tips, you're sure to have a much better experience by using just one or two of them. Choose classes you ACTUALLY like It’s much easier to engage in a subject that you actually enjoy - or at least don’t absolutely hate. If you're reading this before second semester you can probably change classes with a quick and polite email to your guidance counselor.  As for classes that you need to take to graduate, try to make studying for them more enjoyable. Watch YouTube videos, have study dates with friends or find ways to make the subject more fun for yourself. Take

How you can start a Website for only $12 a year

Ever wanted to start your very own website as a teen? Well, it’s totally doable! No prior coding experience necessary! Here are the steps I took to start my website at the cost of only $12 a year! Website Basics Here are the basics of starting a website regardless of which hosting site or Domain finder you use.  1. Determine the purpose of your website Why are you creating this website in the first place? Is it a site to sell products? Inform others about a certain subject? Blog about your life? Determine the purpose of your website, so you know what you’ll add and create on the site later on.  I decided my website was going to be informational and about College Admissions because it’s a problem I saw my peers struggle with. Who knows? Maybe I’ll start another website about something else. 2. Obtain a Domain Name Now it’s time to come up with your website’s name, and URL. You can use various domain name finders online - I used the ones from GoDaddy and NameMesh , which will “mesh”