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A Guide to Studying for AP Exams in 2022

How to study for AP Exams in 2022 During sophomore year I took my first few AP classes. I took 3 (or 2.5) in total - US History, Physics, and Macroeconomics (which is only one semester long). Scores came out recently and I earned a 5 on US History, 4 on Physics, and 5 on Macro. Here’s what I learned from the experience. Hopefully, you can learn from what I did well and what I did wrong! During the School Year: Learn Specific AP tips from others Ask questions to any of your peers who have already taken this AP class before you. Ask them what their main advice would be, specific to that class. It's really beneficial to get good tips/habits when the school first starts, as you get a good understanding of what habits to keep up throughout the school year, for success on the exam. For example, if you asked me my #1 tip for APUSH it would be to memorize vocabulary using Quizlets, while for AP Macro it would be knowing how to analyze and draw your graphs very well. If you want to know how
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A Guide to scoring a 5 on the APUSH Exam

. How to study to earn a 5 on the APUSH exam The scores for the 2021 AP U.S. History exam came out mid-July, so I’m writing this to tell you how I got a 5 on the exam and how you can too! The APUSH exam is not hard if you’re well prepared! First off, the one paid resource I used to crack the AP U.S. history exam was the latest Princeton Review Premium book. I highly recommend this, as it is so worth it to have 6 APUSH exam practice tests and answer sheets compiled together. You can also access practice tests through the AP classroom using the code your teacher or AP coordinator gives you. Apush Exam 2022 format & tips  A common question people ask is how long the APUSH exam is - in total, the exam takes 3 hours and 15 minutes without breaks. Here is the exact order and times for the exam: Time (minutes) # of Questions % of Total Score Multiple Choice 55 55 40 Short Answer 40 3 20 Document-Based Question 60  1 Essay 25 Long-Essay Question 40 1 Essay 15 MCQ: Multiple Choice Questi

How to wake up Early - but with your life together

How to wake up for School with your life together . Tired of waking up early for school with your teeth half-brushed, and no lunch packed? Well, hopefully this article will help you change that! But today I’m cutting the B.S. - I’m not going to tell you any extra things that you should do like “You should meditate, stretch, journal, practice gratitude, and workout - all before 5 A.M! 🥰”. Let’s be real, you probably don’t want to do any of these things in the early morning. This is especially true if you’re a high school student with a circadian rhythm that’s shifted later than an adult’s . Plus, if you really wanted to do any of these other tasks, you could just do it after school. So all we’re going over are the different components of setting up a minimalistic morning routine. And if you do want to do the other stuff mentioned before, setting up a minimal morning means you'll have more time to do the things that are important to you. Prepare ahead of time Choose your clothes